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All is 'Fayre' at Manx TurnEd

Manx TurnEd enjoyed a great weekend at Laxey Pavilion, supporting IOM Children's Centre at their Xmas Fayre. As you may see from the updates to our website today, many of our bespoke and ornamental items have now been sold. We hope our customers enjoy their beauty and individuality, as much as we have loved designing and seeing their development.

We know you all had fun with our latest creations - the spinning tops! Ed has had to replenish the supply of the small oak spinning tops as they sold like hot cakes. Everybody enjoys a little playtime!

Our next Christmas Fayre will be tomorrow (29th November), supporting Queen Elizabeth II High School's Association in Peel, Isle of Man.

If you'd like to come along to meet us and our products, 6pm-9pm is the time!

Tune in for our next instalment in a few days, and please message or phone us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

.......just keep on turning!

Cathy at Manx TurnEd

Magnificent Grain & Finish on this Yew Bowl
Spalted Cherry Bowl/Vase

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