Manx Spalted Beech Cheese Slice
Take a look at this Cheese Slice/Server woodturned from local Spalted Beech originating in Injebreck, Isle of Man. It is completed with a high quality stainless steel blade for the slice.
Beautifully designed to accentuate the fabulous grain pattern and colours in the wood. 
Handle Length: 4 1/2”/11.3cm
Overall Length: 9 1/8”/23.1cm
Max. Diameter: 2”/5cm
Weight: 146g
Price: £22.00
*this item may also be purchased as a pair with item no. SKU001677 (cheese knife) at price of £40.00*
NB: this item includes a sharp blade. Caution must be exercised during use. Do not allow children to use unsupervised.

Manx Spalted Beech Cheese Slice

SKU: 001678