Bespoke Manx Elm Burr Decorative Piece
This Manx Elm Burr Bowl wonderfully woodturned by Ed into a large, bespoke, decorative piece of art!
It features a natural edge to highlight the incredible patterns in the burrs, as well as the intense and varied colours of theElm wood.
This piece is perfect as a decorative centrepiece. 
If you really want to give it away, it will make the most wonderful special gift for someone!
Sadly, due to its size and weight we are unable to ship this item. Free Delivery available on the Isle of Man 🇮🇲 
Overall Diameter: 14”/35.5cm max.
Interior bowl Diameter:  8 1/2”/21.5cm
Height: 4 1/2”/11.3cm
Weight: 3.802kg
Price: £150.00

Bespoke Manx Elm Burr Decorative Piece

SKU: 001670