Beech ‘Aqua’ Pot Pourri Bowl
What a fab Pot Pourri Bowl from Ed at Manx TurnEd. It is part of our ‘Marine Collection’ and the aqua coloured spirit stain blends beautifully with the straight grain and fine texture of Beech wood. You will notice that in the images the colour differs slightly- this is solely due to the background change from black to white. This gives you the opportunity to accentuate the shade you desire by placing it accordingly in your home. The bowl is completed with its removable pewter lid with a design of daisies.
SKU 001393MC
Diameter: 4 3/4”/12cm
Height: 3 1/4”/8.2cm
Price: £40.00

Beech ‘Aqua’ Pot Pourri Bowl

SKU: 001393MC

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